Naughty Bachelorette Party Games

Naughty Bachelorette Party Games

You can’t have fun at a bachelorette party without getting at least a little naughty.  These naughty bachelorette party games are the most fun that you can have… dirty dirty fun.

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Above are some of the naughty party games that we recommend… But there are more!

10 Naughty Bachelorette Party Games You Must Try!

Some brides balk at the idea of naughty bachelorette party games or a wild and crazy night on the town.  However, others know it is their last chance to do something totally daring before the big day.  Plus, if done properly, the bachelorette party is a prime opportunity to engage in some quality bonding time with the ladies.

If you are looking for some awesome naughty bachelorette party games, we’ve got you covered.  Here are the top ten games you must try!


1. Pop the Cherry

cherry game

Find out who wants to reclaim their virginity!  Place a bowl with a cherry in front of each girl.  Tell the ladies that all they have to do is pick up the cherry without using their hands.  Whoever succeeds first, wins.  Before setting them all lose, let the girls know you’ve forgotten one minor detail – the huge dollop of whipped cream you add to the top of each cherry!


2. Play Drink or Dare

Before starting the game, give each guest a few slips of paper and a pencil.  Tell them to write down as many dares as they can think of.  Pull all the dares in a hat and pass it to the bride.  For each dare she pulls from the hat and reads aloud, she has the option to do the

shot glass game This game is especially fun if you are at the bar.  Encourage the bridesmaids to include dares like flash your bra, find a guy who will give you his boxers, or do a table dance.dare or take a drink.

If you would rather, you can simply purchase a pack of dare cards.  The challenges won’t be original, but you won’t have to think of the ideas yourself!



3.  Pecker Piñata

What bachelorette party is complete without a piñata shaped like a penis?!  Granted, the piñata itself is fairly naughty.  But if you really want to kick things up a notch, you could fill it with penis candies and sex toys.


4.  Cucumber Creation

Give each guest a cucumber and a knife.  Set a timer for five minutes.  Whoever carves the best representation of the male member wins.  Let the bride be the judge but encourage everyone to take their sculpture home.  Won’t that look nice on the mantle?!


5. Suck for a Buck

Pick up a plain colored t-shirt.  With a fabric marker, write the words “Suck for a Buck.”  Then attach a bunch of lifesaver candies.  When you hit the bar, the bride must wear the shirt and try to earn as much money as possible!


6. Pin the Junk on the Hunk

Pin the Cock on the JockRemember all those birthday parties that featured Pin the Tail on the Donkey?  Well, this is the adult version – much more appropriate for a bachelorette party.  When else will you have the chance to grope blindly at a strange man while trying to locate his junk?


7.  Pass the Cucumber

Divide the guests into two teams and have them stand in two straight lines.  Place a cucumber between the knees of each team leader.  Tell the ladies they must pass the cucumber from one end of the line to the other.  Make sure you have some truly naughty gifts for the winning team.


Mr. Party Pecker Strap-On Ring Toss

8. Penis Ring Toss

Isn’t it interesting (and slightly terrifying) that nearly every child’s game can be converted into something completely nasty?!  Of course, you could invite your party guests to play an innocent game of ring toss.  But it would be much more fun if you made the bride don a Mr. Party Pecker Strap-On Ring Toss!


9. Make it Come to Life

Have you ever seen a truly inspiring piece of art that makes the subject come to life?  Well, that isn’t the case here.  The sole objective of this naughty bachelorette party game is to admire the artwork that has already been created.

Invite a male art model to join the party.  Naturally, he must pose nude.  Invite the girls to sit back, sip a beverage and be inspired to create something equally beautiful.


10. Bring in the Professionals

stripperTurn your bachelorette party into a learning experience.  Invite a professional to teach the guests everything from stripping to pole dancing to lap dancing.  You can even buy a stripper pole to install in your living room!

If you can’t find someone who is willing to come to the house, you could always join a class.  Check online for local fitness clubs that teach such lessons.

There are plenty of other classic games to try – like scavenger hunts and drinking games.  But these are the most unique, interactive naughty bachelorette party games available.  Surely your guests will love them!