Funny Bachelorette Party Games

Funny Bachelorette Party Games

Every girl knows that what happens at a bachelorette party stays at the bachelorette party- and for good reason! Forget spa days or G-rated scavenger hunts; funny bachelorette party games that aim to humiliate someone is where the fun is at!

What’s the point of going out with the bride-to-be on her last night as a single lady if you’re not willing to take some risks with her? So, before you plan the perfect night, take a look at some of the funny bachelorette party games we have listed, and incorporate them into your party.

These games are the best type – funny and humiliating. Most of these games are meant to be played at a bar, because everyone will surely need a few drinks as a warm up! Give the winner of each game some sort of prize – a candy bar, stuffed animal, penis lollipop, etc. Now, you don’t need to document these games; you’ll likely be in trouble with the group if a picture of them, and their banana, shows up on Facebook.


cherry gameRegain Your Virginity

Tell the girls you have a game that will get them their V-cards back! Place a bowl, with a cherry in it, in front of each girl. Whoever can eat the cherry first – without using their hands – wins. To make it even harder, spray enough whipped cream to fill the bowl up halfway. This game will surely get the girls rolling on the floor with laughter.


banannaThe Dirty Banana

Give each girl a peeled banana and a flavored condom. The object of the game is to see who can put the condom on the banana the fastest. For an added challenge, don’t let them use their hands – not even to hold the fruit! Note: Using flavored condoms is important. Unless your guests are particularly freaky none of them will enjoy the taste of typical latex. 


Pin the Tail on the Hot Guy

If you are out at a bar, designate one stranger for each girl to be their “hot guy.” You will need a package of stickers. Each girl must put a sticker on their guy’s backside. Here’s the kicker – she must be holding a conversation with him while she does it!  It does not matter what type of stickers you use, but these would be perfect! 


The Makeshift Groom

This game is for the bride only. Bring an inflatable doll to the bar with you and handcuff it to the lovely bachelorette. She will only be released when her new man is fully dressed (socks and underwear, too!). You’ll be surprised at how willingly some guys take their pants off for an inflatable man.


sharpie bachelorette game“Sign my…..”

When the bachelorette says go, each girl must try to get as many signatures from different men as possible within five minutes. But the signature can only be in a place usually covered by clothing. Only one signature from each guy, and once a guy has signed one of the girls, no one else can use him.  This is hilarious to play and may even result in some promising introductions for some of the single bachelorette party guests.


Clothes Dash

Once again, each girl gets five minutes to complete this task. Whoever has the most articles of men’s clothing wins! Here’s the catch; only one piece of clothing from each guy, and a guy cannot give clothing to more than one girl. This funny game can get wild fast.


funny pink willie bachelorette party gameHot Willie 

You can’t get much funnier than a small vibrating cartoon penis. This game is a naughty twist on the classic hot potato game.  the rules are essentially the same. You wind up this cartoon penis and he vibrates wildly. Whoever is caught holding the penis once it calms down (so to speak) is out.   You can make this person perform an embarrassing dare or do a shot.  This game is ready to go and available online.


Funny Board Games

This list has some really funny “do it yourself” type games, but we know that sometimes your just in a “done for you” type of a mood.  If that is the case, there are a lot of really funny board games that we can recommend.

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Funny Bachelorette Party Supplies

One of the best ways to introduce humor into your funny bachelorette party is through the use of hilarious bachelorette part supplies.  Below are several of our favorites. You’ll be surprised by how hilarious you and your girlfriends find plastic penis straws once you’ve had a few drinks!

The Good Girl Bachelorette Party Kit

Bachelorette Party Kit – The Bar Crawl

Bachelorette Party Kit – The Drunken Night In

Bachelorette Party Kit – Next Best Thing to a Stripper

Bachelorette Party Kit – Pizza Party

Ultimate Bachelorette Party Kit


If you don’t see your favorite embarrassing and funny bachelorette party games on this list, feel free to share a blog post with your ideas of fun!