Bachelorette Party Drinking Games

Bachelorette Party Drinking Games

Bachelorette parties are a time for letting loose and getting crazy! The best way to ensure the night will be memorable, is through a little liquid confidence. Bachelorette party drinking games are great as an ice breaker to get the party started. Or, if the group is daring, can be the sole form of entertainment for the night.

Here is a list of the top bachelorette party drinking games you must try!


1. Never Have I Ever

This should be one of the first games you play- it’s a great icebreaker! Have the bachelorette start by saying “Never have I ever [something she has never done].” Everyone who has done what the bride hasn’t must take a sip of their drink.

For example, the bachelorette says, “Never have I ever been skinny dipping.” Everyone who has been skinny dipping must take a drink.

If you aren’t feeling creative and would rather not come up with your own questions, check out a card game like this.  This pack of Never Have I Ever questions is sure to cause more than a few outrageous moments!


2. The Pitcher Pass

If you are out at a bar, order a pitcher of beer and have everyone form a circle around it. It’s always fun to have the bachelorette start the game by drinking as much, or little, as she wants from the pitcher, before passing it clockwise. The girl who finishes the pitcher wins, and gets some sort of prize. The person who passed it to the winner is the loser, and has to buy the next pitcher/round of drinks.


3. Drink or Dare

Drink or Dare is an adult version of the most famous sleepover game. Have the bachelorette start the game by asking her maid of honor “Drink or dare?” If she chooses ‘Drink,’ then she obviously takes a drink. If she chooses ‘Dare,’ she must do whatever the bachelorette says. If she refuses to do the dare, she must take two drinks. Then, the maid of honor picks a new person, and so on.

Again, if you want someone to do the dirty work for you and come up with all sorts of great dares, pick up a game set online.


4. Who Would You Do?

For this game, you will need a pen and a few scraps of paper. Start to the left of the bachelorette. Give her an option of two men, and ask her which one she would rather hook up with. She will write down her answer. Then each girl has to guess which man she chose. Once everyone has guessed, the bachelorette will reveal who she chose. Everyone who guessed wrong must take a drink.

For example, one of the girls asks, “Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt?” If the bachelorette wrote down Johnny Depp, whoever chose Brad Pit must take a drink.  The game lasts until everyone has had a chance to ask the bachelorette who she would rather do.


5. Not in my Pants

Whoever starts the game will ask the person to the left of them a very personal question. Then that person asks the girl next to her, and so on, for two rounds. After the second round, whenever asked a personal question, the person must answer “Not in my pants.” If she can say this without laughing, or smiling, everyone else must drink. If she does lose her cool, she must take a drink.


6. Alcohol Roulette

Some girls don’t get too jazzed about formal drinking games.  If you just want to spice things up every once in a while, try getting some drinking dice.  The bachelorette can just whip them out whenever she thinks things are getting too dull.

Now that you have some different options for games, stock up on alcohol or head out to the bar for an unforgettable night!  If you have any other bachelorette party drinking games, let us know!