Best Bachelorette Party Games

Best Bachelorette Party Games

These days, it is difficult to find the best bachelorette party games.  It seems every lady’s night features the same been-there-done-that games you’ve seen at every other bachelorette party you’ve attended.

Here are Some Great Lists of Unique Games:

If you want to plan a spectacular night for your bride-to-be, you absolutely must have the most unique bachelorette party games.  Here are several suggestions that should make the night truly memorable!


Seriously.  This might be one of the best bachelorette party games ever invented.  You probably don’t need to read any farther on this list.

We have no idea who came up with the concept of Fundies, but they were pretty genius.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to jump into a pair of underwear with another person?!

Imagine this: one pair of Fundies, two girls, four leg holes, lots of booze, relay races down the hallway.  Totally immature?  Yes.  Ideal bachelorette bonding?  You bet.  Worthy of blackmail photographs?  Absolutely.

Decorate Shoes

decorate wedding shoes

We told you this would be a list of ideas you’ve never heard of before!  Invite the girls over for a little craft session.  This isn’t the craft session of old, where ladies would come together to knit. This is for the seriously glamorous girly-girls who would love to own a custom-made pair of kicks (which, of course, is way cooler than designer these days).

Decorate heels, flats, whatever.  Use glitter, decoupage, paint, bows, beads and everything else you can get your hands on.  Surprise the bride and wear your finished products to the rehearsal dinner.

Friars Club Roast

As the big day draws near, the wedding party is probably feeling a little vindictive!  In this situation, one of the best bachelorette party games might be a roast. This can be a great free bachelorette party game as long as you don’t go overboard.

micTell the ladies ahead of time what you are doing.  Make sure they write down their jokes beforehand.  This will ensure the stories are memorable and funny – not boring, pointless or super hurtful. It helps if her friends have known her for awhile and are fairly outgoing.

Not all brides have thick enough skin for something like this, but the ones who do will really enjoy it.  This bachelorette party game could easily morph into a Jack and Jill party game.  Bring the guys and roast the groom too.

Movie Night

Invite the girls over to watch a steamy, bachelorette movie.  Go all out with decorations, food, and beverages that match the movie theme.  Tell all the ladies they must come in costume and abide by the theme of the night.  Need some suggestions of hot-guy movies that lend themselves well to costumes?  Try…

  • Casino Royale – You could watch Daniel Craig be sexy for the duration of the movie.  Or, you could just keep rewinding the beach scene with his little blue Speedo.
  • John Carter of Mars – Never heard of this one?  We’re not surprised.  The movie itself isn’t anything spectacular.  But, Taylor Kitsch half naked for nearly two hours does the trick.
  • Dirty Dancing – Do we really need to elaborate on this one?!
  • Pretty Woman – Again, no explanation necessary!
  • American Gigolo – And speaking of Richard Gere’s junk…

Sex Toy Party

This idea probably isn’t suited to all types of ladies.  But the ones that it appeals to will really enjoy it!  Even the most uptight bride might think it is fun to break the mold for the night and try something new.  When else will you have the chance to experiment and try something totally scandalous?  Plus, if you host the party at home, no one has to worry about being seen in a sex toy shop!

Comedy Club

Let’s face it.  The bride is stressed.  The MOH is stressed.  Everyone is stressed over the upcoming wedding.  Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to kick back and enjoy a few laughs?  Dress the bride-to-be up in the traditional party veil and sash.  Sit her in the front row and she’ll enjoy the spotlight just as much as the comedian on stage.

Murder Mystery Party

“Till death do us part,” takes on a whole new meaning when you play a murder mystery game.  Here are two great suggestions:

Give Back

Maybe the bride is tired of being the center of attention.  Maybe she is feeling a little overindulgent.  If that is the case, she’ll probably be on board for a service-oriented bachelorette party.  You can still gather all the ladies and have a great time together, but you’ll be doing it while making an important impact in someone else’s life.

What do you think of our list?  These truly are the best bachelorette party games, right?!

The Right Supplies

Though its kinda silly, part of the fun of a bachelorette party are the party favors and naughty party supplies.  No matter what type of party you plan, some of these items are a must.

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